Philip Kool

About Israel

Serving as a land bridge between Europe, Asia and Africa, Israel has for centuries been a meeting place for cultures, empires and religions. From Moses to Mark Twain, followed by countless pilgrims and adventurers—many people dreamt of traveling to the Holy Land. The concept of “The Holy Land” is still very strong, and for many visitors, it is the main reason to visit the country. However, modern Israel offers more than just a history lesson or a place for one to search for his religious roots.

Jerusalem, the focal point of the three monotheistic religions, serves as an amazing experiment-lab in coexistence, with its mosaic of people and cultures. Tel Aviv, a modern, western-style city, adjacent to biblical Jaffa, offers relaxing sandy beaches and exiting nightlife. The country offers world-class national parks, biblical, archaeological and world heritage sites, modern museums, and… lots of sunshine!

And contrary to popular belief, Israel is surprisingly safe for travelers due to its well-organized security. While Israelis and Palestinians try to work out their shared future in this old/new land, visitors often feel like they are participating in a film, whose end has not been written yet.

After a visit to Israel, you will never watch the news the same way again.

You might even want to come back!

Enjoy your visit.